Vitamin C Shower Water Filter

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Vitamin C Shower Water Filter


  • Vitamin C on your shower water
  • Softer shower water
  • Easy to install

Product Description

When you shower in chlorinated water without a shower filter, the pores of your skin open up and absorb the chlorinated water like a sponge, and chlorine-filled steam can enter your lungs. People can actually receive more exposure to chlorine during a shower than by drinking the same water.

Chlorinated shower water dries the skin and hair, it can also cause or worsen skin irritations and rashes, can irritate eyes leaving them red, itchy and burning, and inhaling the steam can aggravate the sinuses and lungs as well.

“Is a shower filter really what I need to neutralize chlorine and chloramines from my shower water?”

The Vitamin Shower Filter contains environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical natural food grade Vitamin C, making it the best and safest way to neutralize chlorine and chloramines from the tap water, and it is an ideal method to protect the sensitive skin from these harmful chemicals. The topical use of Vitamin-C can work as an anti-oxidant on the skin and makes hair shinier and softer.

Vitamin-C has long been recognized as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin. Vitamin-C can help to assist with skin disorders, dry skin, lines and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production.

It can assist in being a great anti-aging product. Vitamin Shower Filters can also promote healthier, more manageable hair and can prevent dry, itchy scalp. It can prevent chlorine-caused dandruff, protect hair condition and dyed hair coloring last longer.

Vitamin Shower filters neutralize 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water by using Vitamin-C. Each filter has a see-through housing, so you can see the Vitamin-C working and know when to replace the cartridge. Each cartridge is designed to last 10,000 litres of water. It is also good for fish aquariums – no need to age tap water or use shock treatments.

Use Vitamin shower to wash your pets, give them a chlorine free bath leaving fur softer and shinier. It is especially great for pets that suffer skin conditions cause by allergies, that can be worsen by chlorine.

Works effectively on any temperature water, regardless of water quality; no loss in water pressure with an electric hot water system. For gas hot water systems we recommend a Universal Filter and not a shower head set, as the water saving device in the shower heads may cause temperature change.

Hard Water makes bathing tough. With soap and shampoo being difficult to lather, hair is left dry and difficult to manage and your skin is left dry, and can be itchy due to Hard Water.

With the Vitamin C Shower Water Filter, it comes with a special ceramic ball made of Far Infrared (FIR) materials to ”energize” the water to reduce the water’s surface tension, which makes the water much softer. You’ll notice an increase in the volume of suds and lather with soaps and shampoos. The water has a lighter, silky feel to it.

Softer water allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin more deeply. It also reduces colour fading while it improves the texture of damaged, dry or colour-treated hair. And what’s more it has Vitamin C filter that effectively neutralizes 99.99% of the chlorine in your shower water.

The pack includes
·         ABS Chrome Vitamin C Shower Filter plus Ceramic Ball

·         1 Extra cartridge

·         Teflon (Plumbers) tape for water tight installation

·         Installation instructions

·         Works great with both mounted and hand-held shower head designs.

·         Not affected by water temperature, water quality or water pressure.

·         Very easy to install, DIY no plumber needed on any standard shower head fixture and easy to change the cartridges.

·         Attractive see-through housing for the universal vitamin shower filter cartridge which allows you to actually see your filter working, and know when your cartridge is due to be replaced, approx 10,000 litres with a water saving showerhead.

·         Sleek ABS chrome finish which ensures you won’t have to sacrifice looks for functionality.



What happy customers say
“The Vitamin Shower has been a real winner in our household. Myself, wife and two daughters are enjoying cleaner smelling water, and when we moved recently it was a so easy to take with us and re-install at our new home. I would highly recommend this product to anyone” A Rogers

“Dear Vitamin shower people, We installed the Vitamin shower head to our shower mid last year, we live in Gladstone and the water is laced with extremely high levels of chlorine.

As a result my skin reacts to the chlorine in ways such as red splotches between my eyes and skin blemishes (body acne) over my back. Since introducing the vitamin C filters to our shower, the prevalence of these irritations have reduced dramatically. On this note I ‘Wow what a difference’. On another note, my Siamese fighting fish seem to enjoy the water and I now don’t have to treat the water for them, they also say thanks.” Robert

“The Vitamin shower has made a world of difference to our skin and our hair. We have been using it for a few years now and we certainly notice the difference if we go anywhere they don’t have one. We would recommend everyone get one for each of their showers our skin and hair is so soft now especially seeing Adelaide has very hard water with lots of chlorine in it.” Christine

“My nine year old daughter has suffered from Eczema since she was a baby. Since using the Vitamin Shower her skin is not as dry and feels softer and she doesn’t have nearly as many fair ups as she use to. I also have notice a difference in how my skin and hair feel. Thanks for a great product that works.” Katrina

“With winter coming the vitamin shower has helped solve dry hair and skin. It is so soft on your whole body. Thank you.” Thea

“5 star Amazing product!  Helped my loss of hair and dry skin. Have already recommended to so many” Sandra

“Love my Vitamin C Shower! It’s good to know I’m taking care of my hair and skin without even trying!” Mel

“Loving my new Vitamin C shower filter!  I received it about a week ago, it was easy to install and I noticed a difference straight away, my hair is less frizzy, my skin is softer and no chemical smell in my bathroom! Would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with hard water” Karla

“I cannot be without this shower head as I suffer with very bad psoriasis and it is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone with psoriasis or any skin rashes and even people without rashes as it looks to me like it would help prevent them. I cannot speak highly enough about your product and think everyone should have one.” Mrs Elwell

“My wife and I have used Vitamin shower for the past 6 months. My wife having very dry skin found it helped alleviate her condition. We recently moved house and was without Vitamin Shower for a period of time and when we went back to using it again my wife commented on what a relief as she really notice the difference in the short time she was without it” Phil

“Dear Vitamin Shower, I have been using your product for the past year, and the difference in my skin and hair is amazing. I use to have extremely dry skin, and would use body lotion in the morning and at night. Since using the Vitamin Shower my skin is so much softer and I don’t use nearly the amount of lotions anymore. I also have colour treated hair and my colour last months longer since using your product. My hair stylist has also commented that my hair is softer and grows faster than it used to.” Christine

“I have suffered from contact dermatitis for 20 years and being a hairdresser with my hands often in water, this has on exacerbated this. I was skeptical to say the least when my wife brought home the vitamin shower. Within 2 weeks, the eczema had cleared up on my back and whereas previously I had been known to scratch profusely even during my sleep, the itching had gone. I didn’t believe it was the vitamin shower until the cartridge ran out and my back broke out and the itching started again. Needless to say, the vitamin shower is now a permanent fixture in our house and my wife says it makes her hair feel silky smooth too” Alan

“My husband suffers with eczema and has exhausted most other options for treating his condition. We bought a vitamin shower head with some skepticism but we were both willing to give anything a try. I must say that the results are fantastic. He has been able to reduce the amount of steroid cream he uses and has managed to have all open wounds healed!! Usually, this time of year he is at his worst and requires regular visits to hospital for wet wraps. Thankfully he has not required this treatment this year.” Bronwyn

“10 stars.  We love this product and bought 2, one for the kids. You’ll feel the difference in your skin, instantly. The water is soft and doesn’t dry out the skin. Usually, I feel tightening in my face and back, like it’s shriveling up…(it probably is!), with the Vitamin Shower, there is less need to moisturize and my Hair feels amazing. People comment on how healthy it looks.” Paula H.

Great for natural beauty care

Invigorate your hair, skin and body with these Vitamin C shower filters by Vitamin Shower. Public water systems use chlorine and chloramines in order to disinfect the water supply. This is an absolute necessity in order to keep the water clean until it gets to your tap, but the benefit of these chemicals ends here. Chlorine exposure in the shower has been linked to dry skin, itchiness frizzy hair, dandruff, itchy eyes, headaches, sinus and respiratory problems and even cancer!

Did you know?

“Your body will absorb more chlorine chemical in a 10 minute shower with a typical un-filtered shower head than if you drank 8 glasses from the same water source found at your tap.” Vitamin Shower filters utilize environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C to neutralize 99.9% of the chlorine and chloramines from your shower water.

Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that will counteract much of the damage already done by not only chlorine, but the chemicals used to color and perm the hair. Also, the acidity of Vitamin C will actually help to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in our shower heads and tubs.

Safe for babies and young children

Chlorine being there at all is not good – even worse is when it’s especially high. Chlorination is used to sanitize our water systems, and brings water into your home relatively free of bacteria and protozoa. But chloroform, a by-product of chlorination is the chlorine smell that you can probably notice when you run your tap water with no filter. These chemicals are inhaled as well as absorbed through the skin. So you have more to be concerned with besides dry skin! What will you do about the chemicals your baby is absorbing?

For chemical free bathing for both you and your newborn, get a shower filter. Put the filter on your shower, and fill your baby’s bath with water from that shower head. They are also great for toddlers who are bathing in the “real” tub. Just fill up the water with the shower head and the bath water is clean and healthy. If you have a toddler suffering from respiratory problems, or skin conditions this is especially important.

Vitamin C is great for baby’s sensitive skin. Protect children’s sensitive skin and eyes from irritating chlorine and chloramine. Prevent respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of vaporized chlorine particles.

Great for your pets

Chlorine dries out the natural oils found in your pet’s skin and hair. This oil protects your pet’s skin and gives their coat that lovely glow. Just as when you have had a swim you will notice your hair is damaged and your eyes are red, your pet will be affected. But being closer to nature they probably feel it much more that we do.

Besides the bad effect on fur and skin, chlorine vaporizes quickly in hot water. So your pet ends up breathing chlorine gas. Whether it’s for drinking or washing why should we give our pet’s normal tap water with all the chemicals in it?

Chlorine for example is about as unnatural a product as you could get. It was invented as a nerve gas for use against humans. It serves a good purpose in water i.e. to kill off nasty bacteria. But it doesn’t taste good to your cat or dog. And there are various claims about its impact on health. We all know our pets are family, so if you are concerned about your pets health, now you have a solution.

You can remove chlorine from your pet’s drinking water & bath time and enjoy these benefits with the Vitamin Shower:

1.   Revives and protects pet’s skin, while keeping their fur shinier and healthier.

2.   Includes optional massaging action, providing additional therapeutic benefits for pets, and with a on off switch it makes bathing your pet easier.

3.   Water flow rate feature that uses 50% less water than traditional faucets and shower heads.

4.   Protects pets’ skin and hair from the chlorine and chloramines of tap water.

5.   Eliminate pet dandruff, which is commonly caused by chlorine exposure.

6.   Great for fish tanks and aquariums, no need to treat the water.


For Your Respiratory Problems

A warm shower opens the pores of the skin and allows a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals. The steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 20 times the level of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals than tap water due to the fact that these chemicals vaporize at a lower temperature and at a much faster rate than water. Inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapors is known to be a strong irritant to the tissues in our lungs and a suspected cause of asthma and bronchitis. When chemicals are inhaled into our lungs they enter directly into our bloodstream and can have magnified effects versus ingested chemicals, which are partially filtered by our liver and kidneys.

Other than the obvious health benefits of showering in chemical free water, the cosmetic benefits are even more noticeable. According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” In the face of this, it just makes sense to do something about it in your home, doesn’t it? “With the realization that more chemicals enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while showering than does from drinking water, the benefits of shower filtration have become very obvious.”

Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin After Showering

There are a number of reasons why you might have dry itchy skin after showering from the hot water excessively drying your skin out, to hair and beauty products containing chemicals that don’t agree with your skin, to showering too often and so on. Many of these problems can be managed easily, however one of the most common causes of dry, itchy skin comes from the chlorinated water streaming directly from your shower head.

While chlorine and other chemicals are essential to disinfect the water as it makes its way to your home, the benefits stop when the water leaves the pipes. Chlorinated shower water is known to dry out skin and hair as the chemicals destroy the protein that protects skin from stimulus, irritation and evaporation. This can cause or worsen skin conditions and rashes irritate eyes leaving them red, itchy and burning, or inhaling the steam may even aggravate the sinuses and lungs.

Vitamin Shower is the revolutionary shower filtering system that is changing the way you shower and take care of your skin, hair and overall health. The Vitamin Shower Filter contains the finest quality 100% Vitamin C, which has been proved to efficiently and safely neutralize 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water.

The Vitamin Shower Filter is ideal for those with sensitive skin and can even improve conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dandruff and some allergies, while the Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant to leave your skin softer and more hydrated. Each Vitamin C cartridge contains the equivalent of 250 oranges and will generally last approximately two months depending on usage, or 10,000 litres of water. Best of all, the Vitamin Shower is safe and recommended for the whole family, including pets.



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