Triple Stage Undersink Untreated Water Filter System with UV

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Triple Stage Undersink Untreated Water Filter System with UV


Triple Stage Undersink Untreated Water Filter System with UV

  • Removes dirt & sediments
  • Eradicates 100% of bacteria & viruses
  • Carbon to create tasty water

Product Description

Triple Stage Undersink with UV Water Filter System 
This Triple Stage Undersink with Ultraviolet Water Filter is mainly for water tanks, along with creek and dam water sources.

The Ultraviolet Light eradicates 100% of the bacteria and viruses you can commonly find in tank and dam water, leaving you with safe, great tasting drinking water.

Standard filtration alone is not enough to remove bacteria and viruses from the water. You can temporarily achieve this through sanitation with a product such as Hydrasil but this is an ongoing maintainance which can be costly in the long run.

The UV system is low maintainance only requiring a replacement lamp every 12 months and a small cost.

The Pack Contains

  • 1x Triple undersink water filter system, with filters included
  • 1x Standard faucet tap
  • 1x Opening handle
  • 1x Installation kit with John Guest ‘T’ fitting
  • 1x 7-12 Undersink ultraviolet water sanitation system complete with lamps and mounting clamps
  • 4-Stage Filtration

Stage 1 – 20 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter
Best suited for tank water, rivers, creeks or streams. Anywhere where there is a heavy level of debris or sediment in the water, which may cause standard filters to block prematurely, this sediment filter can do the job.

Pleated filters have up to 20x’s more surface area than a standard polyspun filter!

This gives them a higher surface area to catch more debris and a much longer life duration before replacement is necessary. They can be washed and removed from time to time again, until they begin to perforate, then they will need to be replaced.

Stage 2 – 5 Micron Poly Spun Sediment Filter

This cartridge is an economical high performance sediment cartridge constructed from polypropylene which is spun and melted simultaneously. This technique means there is no centre core to restrict filter performance.

This sediment filter is compatible with most liquids and are highly effective for sediment, rust, sand, silt, and algae removal.

It is a performance sediment filter that has no chemical residues. This is extremily high permorming, and carry a heavy load of sediment before requiring replacement.

We choose to use this sediment filter over all other types due to:

  • High performance
  • High flow rate
  • High load capacity
  • Inabilty to grow bacterial slim
  • These filters are IDEAL for:

  • Tank water filtration
  • Pre carbon filtration
Stage 3 – 0.5 Micron H2BLUE 100% Coconut Carbon Block Filter | ULTRA Grade
The introduction of this high grade 0.5 micron carbon block is set to rival the US made range of 0.5 micron filters and bring some fresh competition into the market place.

For many years if you wanted a 0.5 micron carbon block you have to choose from a range of US manufactured cartridges at an obviously inflated price. In more recent times the US brands have been manufactured in China or other Asian countries like Singapore or Thailand. Based on comments from customers – and also from our own experience, it’s been made pretty clear that the Asian manufactured US branded cartridges are no longer top of the tree – but surprise surprise, while the quality has plummeted the prices have remained right up there.

In response to this we have a PREMIUM QUALITY, 100% coconut carbon cartridge at a genuine 0.5 micron rating.

It’s taken 18 months of research and development and a bucket load of money to have this cartridge developed, but it’s worth it. The taste and performance of this cartridge is second to none and we’re able to sell this within a price range that will suit your budget. This cartridge offers the price and the performance that end users will come back for.

Stage 4 – Ultraviolet Water Sanitation
This UV is ideal for drinking water and mounts perfectly on any of our under-sink water filter systems.

The UV is made from 316 stainless for long life and is certified to the new electrical standards now requiring the earthing be applied back through the power supply to the trip switch in the power box.

Before buying any UV system you must check that an earth wire is connected from the UV chamber back to the earth system in the power supply or it’s not considered safe or legal under the electrical certification regulations.

You will require a 240v power outlet under your sink.

The power supply must be plugged in via a surge protector or warranty will be void.

Maintenance And Replacement Cartridges
The Triple Stage Undersink with UV Water Filter SystemWater Filter is guaranteed to deliver clean and safe drinking water.

The UV lamp can be replaced once a year.

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