Sprite Bath Ball Water Filter – Chrome or White

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Sprite Bath Ball Water Filter – Chrome or White


·         The Latest Innovation in Bath Filtration

·         Removes Chlorine and Chemicals

·         For Healthy Skin and Hair

·         Conditions Water for a Refreshing Bath

·         Universal detachable harness


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Product Description

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath, free from worrying over chlorine and other contaminants in your water. With the latest Sprite shower filter innovation, patented Chlorgon® media, the Bath Ball Filters condition water for more luxurious bathing.

·         Chlorine

·         Combined Chlorine

·         Dirt

·         Hydrogen Sulphide (Odour)

·         Iron Oxide

·         Sediment

·         Made of ABS food grade plastic

·         Uses a replaceable filter cartridge

·         Comes with a universal detachable harness that connects to most bathroom fixtures for easy installation

·         BB Filter Cartridge lifespan of approximately 50 baths


Bath Ball Cartridge

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