Spring Flow Steam Distiller with High Grade Glass Jug

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Spring Flow Steam Distiller with High Grade Glass Jug


  • Pure best drinking water
  • Removes water impurities
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
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Product Description

Spring Flow Steam Distiller
The Spring Flow Steam Distiller provides you with pure best drinking water – close to 100% purity – no matter what the water supply.

The steam distiller takes between 5 and 6 hours to turn any water into 4 litres of drinking water, at its pure best.

What is Distillation?
First, water is heated to boiling and converted into steam. ALL impurities are left behind. As the steam cools, it condenses into pure, delicious drinking water as nature intended.

DISTILLATION eliminates ALL contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, lead, aluminium, chlorine, fluoride, giardia, salt, agricultural sprays, nitrates and asbestos.


Steam rises from the surface of the boiling water leaving behind heavy metals, dissolved solids and other impurities, killing any bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium and gardia. These remain in the boiling chamber as a residue which is easily removed by the cleaning crystals supplied with your steam distiller.

The steam rises to the top of the boiling chamber, entering the fan-cooled stainless steel cooling duct. This turns the steam back into water. Although this water is now classified as pure, your Steam Distiller includes a post-filtration filter (good for one month) as a final precaution to remove any residues of organic chemicals. The filter is needed to remove the final residue of chemicals such as chlorine which may rise with the steam.

Pure, distilled water is the best “bio-regulator” for your health.

Drinking Water – Facts & Fallicies
FALLACY: Some essential minerals are derived from the water we drink.
FACT: The source of MINERALS for the body is the food we eat – not the water we drink. Inorganic mineral matter is deposited as toxic crystals in the joints and tissues.

Steam-distilled water enters your system CLEAN ! It will wash out accumulated hardness and toxins.

FALLACY: Tap water is “treated” so it is pure enough.
FACT: The DARK side is, all-purpose tap water can also be treated with disinfectants such as chlorine (a necessary evil) or sometimes aluminium sulphate. Water suppliers find it “uneconomic” to treat water to a high level of purity as up to 97% of the water supply will be used by industry and to flush toilets, mop floors, wash clothes, etc

FLUORIDE may also be added to your tap water: listed as a Class 8 Dangerous Goods, HazChem2 substance. Enforced mass medication is a violation of human rights!

FALLACY: RURAL is better than treated town supply.
FACT: The BITTER truth is, bore water or rural gutter water can be heavily polluted with pesticides, herbicides, faecal bacteria and giardia; a cocktail of bird droppings, zinc, copper, fertiliser, pesticide TM residue and insects. SPRING FLOW distilling provides total purity.

FALLACY: Boiling water removes impurities
FACT: Boiling water will kill living organisms only.


Health Benefits:
Pure, unadulterated steam-distilled water assists ALL health-giving biological processes.
Ideal for arthritis, kidneys, allergies
Plumper, clearer skin
Better digestion and elimination
Improves blood circulation
Assists weight control.
Inorganic minerals in water clog arteries contributing to “hardening of the arteries” inside the fatty plaque.
Why drink polluted, multi-chemicalised, allpurpose tap water? Why be exposed to the “Mysteries and Miseries” of Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s, ME, MS, Arthritis, nervous system dysfunctions, and ADD syndrome in children? The causes of these degenerative conditions – which can also result in connective tissue and bone deformation are not fully understood but show suspicious links to contaminants in our drinking water supplies.

Over time, inorganic minerals can crystalise inside the synovial fluid of your joints, creating the effect of sand in ball-bearings, grinding and wearing down the soft connective tissue which cushions the bones in your joints. The result is reduced movement and PAIN. By drinking at least 2 litres a day of pure, TM delicious, unadulterated Spring Flow steamdistilled water, you help the body to dissolve those crystals and de-crustify those joints.

“Doctors are for emergencies. For Aging problems, you are responsible yourself!

Uses of the Spring Flow Steam Distiller
Drinking Water
Ice Cubes
Coffee & Tea
Boiling Pasta
Steamed Vegetables
Sauces • Gravies • Soups
Infant Formula
Pet’s Water
Home Brew

Distilled water’s unique properties allow it to absorb and carry flavours much more vividly than any other water. The result is tastier soups and sauces and the best tasting coffee and tea you ever had!

If bad diet is the Father of Disease, bad water is the Mother.

Purest drinking water – Your first line of DEFENCE!

WHY Drink Distilled Water?

Distilled water removes toxins and waste from your body. The purer the water – the more effective.

Evaporation/Distillation removes EVERY pollutant from ANY water supply (even seawater) no matter how “treated,” contaminated, or multi-chemicalised.


The pack contains:

1 x High grade glass jug
6 x Carbon sachets


Portable unit – no installation required
Stainless steel cover
Stainless steel boiling chamber
Stainless steel cooling coil
Automatic shutoff at end of cycle
Installation and Maintenance
The unit is electric and portable. Just fill it, plug it in and switch on at the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions
What contaminants are in tap water?

Many all-purpose water supplies are treated with the bio-cidal sanitising agent chlorine; the clearing agent aluminium sulphate (suspiciously associated with Alzheimer’s) and fluoride, classified (NZ and Australia) as corrosive, Class 8 Dangerous Goods, HazChem2. There could be asbestos, copper, zinc and lead from pipes

How much pure water does the Steam Distiller make? How long does it take?

Spring Flow makes 4 litres of pure drinking water every 5 1/2 hours. Changing to a new cycle of distillation takes three minutes. It automatically switches off at end of cycle.

What installation is required?

None. The unit is electric and portable. Just fill it, plug it in and switch on at the wall.

Any filter needed?

A post-distillation carbon filter is recommended for finer taste. (6 carbon filters included with unit)

What is the Steam Distiller made of?

Exterior finish: Polished stainless steel.
Internal boiling chamber and cooling coil are stainless steel.

How is the pure water collected?

As the distillate condenses, it is collected in a 4 litre polycarbonate optimum food grade bottle.

What’s the Warranty?

Spring Flow has a one year Warranty.

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