Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for Aquarium

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for Aquarium


·         Removes Water Mineral Content

·         Removes TDS, Chlorine and Fluoride

·         Easy to Install

·         Ideal for Aquarium

·         Your Fish will Love the Water


Product Description

This System is ideal for the fish enthusiast.

It is filled with 350gms of nuclear grade Purolite Resin, the best in the world.

And has a 50gpd reverse osmosis membrane.

DI Resin removes the mineral content of the water back to zero, which is great for fish.

After water passes through both the reverse osmosis and DI Resin the pH can be 6 or lower depending on temperature etc. The water is now classed as acidic and not recommended for prolonged use as drinking water.


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