Portable 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Alkalizer

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Portable 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Alkalizer


Creates Pure Drinking Water
Removes TDS, Chlorine and Fluoride
Improves Taste, Colour and Smell
Fully Portable
Easy to Install
Adds Minerals and Increases pH to 8.5
Ideal for Caravan or Travel

Product Description

THE NEW AND IMPROVED 6 STAGE Xstream Reverse Osmosis System with Alkalizer to lift the pH and return the water to an Alkaline state.

A GENUINE 6 STAGE Portable Reverse Osmosis System with 6 true stages of water treatment.

This system can be neatly and discreetly stored under your sink, and pulled out and used when necessary. Can be used over-night to replenish filtered water supplies and then effortlessly placed under your sink until next needed.

Fully portable, installs or detaches in 30 seconds!

Ideal for caravans or whilst travelling, when you are unsure of the quality of water you and your family will be drinking

As we know, Reverse Osmosis Systems remove Fluoride as well as all other minerals and impurities from our water. HOWEVER – recent studies have shown that it also leaves the water with a low pH (or acidic) – which is not ideal drinking water.

Optimal water for human consumption is called ALKALINE WATER. Alkaline Water refers to water with a pH of 7 or higher.

By popular demand, this system is a replication of our XStream 7 Stage Plumbed-In Reverse Osmosis System  – however, this model is a portable version that will not only remove Fluoride, it will also RAISE THE pH to 8.5 or higher!!

Fluoride is a toxin. Regardless of any benefits that may be achieved by having it in our water supply, it appears to be the desire of the larger population to remove it from their own personal drinking water supply.

This presents a problem, as many traditional water filtration systems fail to constantly or effectively remove fluoride. The reason for this is that Fluoride is a mineral salt. Mineral salts are soluble and will flow directly through standard water filtration systems.

There are many forms of filtration available on the market that claim to remove fluoride, and in many cases they do in fact remove fluoride, however, it is our experience that these standard systems may in fact only remove all fluoride in the short term, (days or weeks) before expiring and not having any further ability to remove fluoride in the long term.

The only proven and true method of removing fluoride in the long term is Reverse Osmosis Filtration. This is not a new technique, and tests show that it continues to extract fluoride effectively over a long period of time.

In more recent times we’ve seen a turnaround in the public interest of water for health. Everyone knows Reverse Osmosis water is great to drink as it removes mineral salts including Fluoride, and chemical toxins that are introduced into our water supplies. However, there are a few down sides to RO that the inexperienced sellers either don’t know or refrain from telling you about.

Regardless of the water supply, reverse osmosis will strip water back to pure 95-98 % mineral and contaminant free H2O.

The very nature of an RO membrane is to remove contaminants – and it does this extremely well. Once we have this near pure water we can begin to develop it to suit our needs, and this is exactly what we have done with the “6 Stage R/O”.

Filtration Stages
Stage One
5 microns GAC Inline Carbon Cartridge – replace every 6 months

This 5 micron inline carbon filter acts to protect the stage two membrane. It will remove the vast quantity of any taste odor or chemicals in the water and help to prolong the life of the membrane.

Stage Two
The Membrane – replace every 3/5 years

The RO membrane is the “engine room” of your R/O. All the crucial work is done here, so all the filters before the membrane are primarily there to protect the membrane. This membrane is a 0.02 micron rating.

It is classed by the manufacturer to be a U.S 50 gallon per day membrane (190 Liters). However, these figures are for optimum working pressure/conditions and will rarely apply in the domestic Aussie kitchens.

We predict the production of water to be more like 60-90 Liters/day. Although this is restricted considerably from the manufactures specs, it’s more realistic guide based on our experience and offers more than enough water for a 5 person home for cooking and drinking.

The reduction rates for the membrane are as follows:

Rejection Aluminum 98%
Adrazin Over 98%
Arsenic 98%
Aldrin Over 98%
Benzene Over 98%
Barium 95%
Chlorine Over 98%
Cadmium 95%
Chloroform Over 98%
Calcium 98%
DOT Over 98%
Chloride 95%
Dichlormethane Over 98%
Chromium VI 98%
Endrin Over 98%
Copper 98%
Fluoranthene Over 98%
Fluoride 95%
Herbicides Over 98%
Iron 98%
Lindane Over 98%
Lead 98%
Methoxychlor Over 98%
Magnesium 98%
PCB Over 98%
Manganese 98%
Pesticides Over 98%
Mercury II 85%
Perchlorethylene Over 98%
Nitrate 90%
Phenole Over 98%
Potassium 95%
Tannic Acids Over 98%
Selenium IV 95%
Toxaphene Over 98%
Silver 98%
Trichlorethlene Over 98%
Sodium 95%
Trihalomethanes Over 98%
Strontium 98%
V.O.C.’s Over 98%
Sulphate 98%
Total Dissolved Solids 95%
Zinc 98%
Stage Three
Life Energy Ceramic (Far Infra-Red Treatment) – replace every 2 years

This stage is truly delving into the health of the water; infra-red beads are simply miraculous given that they don’t even come into contact with the water.

In keeping with Ultra-Violet Light, this filter has the ability to assist in the sanitizing of the water with Infar red emitting frequency balls through glass tubes.

Just a few of the effects of the Stage 5 Infra-Red Rays on the body are:

·         Activates the water molecules Improves oxygen levels in the body

·         Warms and eliminates fats/ chemicals and toxins from the blood

·         Accelerates blood flow Reduces acid levels in the body

·         Improves Nervous system functionality

·         Promotes the elimination of other wastes from our cells therefore reducing acidic levels Improved nervous system functionality

·         Promotes the strengthening of the immune system

·         Far Infra-Red Rays Ionize and activate water molecules in our cells and blood therefore improve our blood circulation and overall health.

·         This filter is great in front of filter systems to prevent bacteria and algae slime from prematurely blocking expensive filter, particularly on tank water or any water that is not treated or sanitized.

·         Water makes up 70% of mass of the human body. FIR is able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen various organs in our bodies when it is absorbed. In the various organs of human body, the circulatory system plays an important role, especially in micro-circulatory system.

·         When there are problems with micro-circulatory system, various ailments will occur. FIR vibrating at a frequency similar to that of the human body is able to penetrate the body activates cells and reactivates as well as strengthens the micro-circulatory systems.

·         It regulates the blood flow and blood in blood vessels, which have been blocked due to blood clots and at the same time reactivate the vital energy in the body.

·         FIR also acts to prevent bacteria growth, relieve pain and speed the recovery process.

Stage Four
Xstream Alkalizing Filter – replace every 12 months depending on pH reading. If pH is holding high, no need to replace just yet.

This is the ultimate in pH adjustment, it’s the only alkalizer cartridge in the world that can raise and retain a constant 8.5 pH over 12 months and we believe well beyond this time, however our testing period only covers a 12 month period to date.

This a special grade of Magnesium which is very sacrificial so it lends itself to a very quick rise in pH making it suitable to post RO work.

Like all sacrificial alkalizer cartridges this one will leech a small amount of magnesium into the final drinking water. The rate of magnesium introduced will vary from each situation but testing has shown on average an increase of approx. 20-45 ppm.

This cartridges needs to be pre-flushed to clear any fine particles so we suggest a wash time directly off the mains pressure or approx. 3-5 minutes prior to use.

Any system containing these cartridges have already been pre-washed but replacements are sold dry and require pre-rinsing.
Even after rinsing it’s likely the TDS may be as high as 70 – 100 ppm depending on the rinse times and methods but this will quickly decrease to the average output.

It’s essential that the Xstream carbon cartridge be use after the Xstream Alk cartridge for maximum taste reduction. So you should order both cartridges at the same time if you are no currently using the Xstream system.

The life of the cartridge will be dictated by the pH result. If you see the pH of your final water dropping below a point you are satisfied with, then it’s time to replace the Cartridge, we feel this will be between 12 and 24 months.

At this point the filtering has been completed and it is now about bringing the water back to a healthy condition for drinking.

Warning – Disclaimer: This information should be read prior to purchasing this system.
Returns will NOT be accepted for reasons of adverse reactions. It should be noted that although rare and unlikely, some people may have an adverse reaction when switching directly to high alkaline water. Symptoms may vary from feeling light headed, dizzy spells, and even muscular discomfort. If you have a current illness we suggest you consult your medical professional and seek medical advice before consuming high alkaline water.

Stage Five
Xstream Carbon – replace every 12 months

Extremely high grade coconut carbon cartridge for maximum extraction of taste or odor issues. We built this filter specifically for use after the Xstream Alk Cartridge, however it’s uses are endless, particularly where taste and odor are a problem in drinking water.

Stage Six
Magnetic Water Energizer (Never needs replacing)

Magnetic energy is widely used in water treatment and we helped pioneer this technology in Australia. This inevitably led us to develop and supply a technology called negative defusing technology, meaning that when put in reverse it activates negative energy into drinking water.

So many customers have benefited from this technology, reducing the symptoms of kidney stone and calcification of the arteries along with so many other advantages in drinking negatively charged water. It makes sense to add the Fluid Reactor magnetic system as the final stage of our 6 stage RO system.


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