Limetron Whole House Hard Water Conditioner Descaler / Water Softener Alternative

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Limetron Whole House Hard Water Conditioner Descaler / Water Softener Alternative


  • STOP – Scale Build up NOW
  • Save home appliances & repairs
  • 3/4″ connections each end
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Product Description

Limetron Whole House Hard Water Conditioner Descaler / Water Softener Alternative

This Device Destroys HARD water issues while keeping your pipes and water heating appliances clean inside, saving you money on repairs, cleaning & heating costs.

Hard Water Scale Is One Of The Largest Causes Of Wasted Energy In The World. 

Do You know just how Bad this Lime Scale Problem Really is and how much it is Costing You? 

It is MASSIVE !!!

Lime Scale is blocking up everything it comes into contact with if the water is not treated in a particular way.

Lime Scale is everybody’s problem, it is the buildup in your dishwasher, hot water system, washing machine, solar panels, solar hot water system, air conditioner, sprinklers, spa, home water pipe system the list goes on and they all cost Money to operate, maintain & replace.

Protection For Your Home Or Equipment 

The Descaler device inhibits the development of scale in both your hot and cold water systems reducing the formation of damaging hard scale deposits in appliances and reduces the cost of energy that the presence of hard scale causes in heating systems.

But the real beauty with the Environmentally Friendly Descaler is the calcium & magnesium are still present in the water, so you still have the benefit of consuming these beneficial minerals.

Benefits Of A Limetron System
The Descaler is a proven product that offers the following benefits:

  • It actually reduces existing limescale blocking your appliance.
  • Completely chemically free, no electricity and no salt.
  • Easy installation
  • You can fit and forget the Limetron as the Fluid Dynamics solution is completely maintenance free.
  • Treated water is totally safe to drink and no separate drinking water supply is required.
  • Environment friendly
  • No contaminated waste water.
  • Better tasting cups of tea & coffee.
  • Prevents scale build up in new systems and gradually removes scale accumulation in previously untreated systems.
  • As a water softener alternative the Limetron will replace existing water softeners eliminating all associated running costs, salt carrying, water and damage to the environment.
  • Eliminate maintenance caused by limescale, extends lifespan and helps maintain the efficiency of heating systems and all water using appliances (domestic and commercial).
  • Reduces heating bills and carbon emissions
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee – 10 year warranty – 15 year (plus) life expectancy.
  • Treated water beneficial for plant growth and reduces leaf staining.

How It Works
Descalers work like a battery, generating a very small electrical current as water passes through it.

This electrical current has the effect of neutralizing the particles of calcium carbonate in water that would otherwise cause scaling.

These particles just stay in the water and instead of sticking to pipe work and hot water cylinders they just pass harmlessly through the system and down the drain.

Every Product Is Supplied With A 1 Year Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are very confident in this product.

For 40+ years in over 40 countries the manufacturer has stood behind their word.

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.

The catalytic process is extremely effective and the materials are top quality.

All housings are made out of stainless steel.

It is WRAS ( Water regulations) approved in the UK and NSF in USA.

What Happy Customers Say,

Jim M: “After the installation of the Housetron the glass in my new shower looks just like it did the day it was installed. There is absolutely no scale build up at all. This shower has 3 times the amount of glass as the old one. We use no chemicals at all on it now….”

Dayle and Kenneth G: “We couldn’t be happier with this product. We are now several years in residence and are very satisfied with the results so far”.

Jimmy and Karen E: “Since installing the housetron unit, our icemaker makes approximately one-third more ice and we haven’t had any repairs on it. Because of this and what we have noticed with our shower and dishwasher, we also feel confident that our other appliances and plumbing are benefitting as well….”

Dave and Chrissie L: ” I installed a Housetron myself using fittings from Home Depot, we’re very happy that our water no longer has the slimy feel that we had with our old water softener. I have a bad back so not having to buy and move salt bags is a big advantage to me.”

Issues With Scale Build Up In The Home:

Affects system pressure and reduces flow rates
Raises energy costs as scale insulates and reduces the efficiency of water heating appliances such as boilers, hot water tank heaters, tankless water heaters, coffee machines, kettles etc.
Leaves unsightly deposits around baths, showers, sinks and toilets particularly around shower heads and faucets. This often requires tiresome cleaning with poisonous descaling chemicals.

The Problems Associated With The Use Of Conventional Water Softeners:
Water softeners utilizing salt have a detrimental effect on the environment and drinking water quality
Initial cost, running costs, size, consumption (water / salt / power)
The overall inconvenience of maintenance and operation: carrying salt bags, dosing etc.
Interruptions in water supply during backwashing cycles

Before & After

Simple To Install

The Limetron is an in – line treatment unit that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, whichever is the most convenient, on the inlet to your home following the stop valve.

Limetron is simply plumbed in to the rising main and is available in 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm and 54mm sizes to meet the most common required domestic/commercial pipe sizes.

Compatible with any pipework material, the easy installation can be carried out either, by a DIY enthusiast or, a plumber. Installation involves replacing a small section of pipe with the Fluid Dynamics Limetron and typically takes under 30 minutes.

The Limetron prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated older systems ( this process is gradual and it may take up to several months to descale a previously untreated system).

Fluid Dynamics offers its’ environmentally friendly and easy to install water softener alternative. With over 400,000 units installed worldwide and a client list including Fortune 500 companies you can buy with confidence, a company with over 40 years of experience in the business of hard water scale prevention and reduction.

Sizing is very important. For one to three bathrooms select the ½” Limetron. For four bathrooms and above with high occupancy select the ¾” Limetron.

We have a whole RANGE of World Class Descalers for different uses.
Ranging from the Quarter Inch Minitron for a ice or coffee machine.
A half or three quarter inch for whole houses. Then sizes all the way up to 16 Inches for a Cooling Tower or other large scale applications.

Used By:
Coca Cola
John Lewis
Kimberly Clark
Kempinski – Mall of the Emirates – Dubai
Central Bank of Argentina
City Mall – Amman Jordan
Girton College Cambridge – England
Empress State Building – London
Fortune Tower – Beijing
The King of Jordan’s New Palace
Habitat for Humanity – USA
Marks & Spencer’s Stores
Mitsui Chemical
NHK Springs

To summarize, the manufacturer, Fluid Dynamics has an unmatched pedigree in the field of scale prevention and they offer their proven saltless water softener alternative. Their client list speaks for itself and we have over 400,000 units installed worldwide.

You’ve seen our case studies, testimonials, technology and our no nonsense guarantee.



Save Money
Using this whole house Descaler device Stops scale build up on your appliances making them cheaper to heat and operate. In the long run, you will find that your appliances will last longer thus, saving money on buying new ones.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant! A must for hard water areas Review by Tessa, ADELAIDE, SA

Product Review
Wow, I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing the Limetron and I am so pleased I continued with the purchase. This has made such a difference to our water that i’ve had to turn down our instant gas water heater down to less than half way (it was cranked to the max) after being installed for 4 weeks. I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t feel as dry, the shower is easier to wipe down and clean, washing the windows has been a breeze with no marks left. My hair feels less gunky and soaps & detergents lather much more & i’m having to use less product. I’ve been able to go back to traditional bar soaps that don’t contain SLS to create lather and has not left any scum. Coffee & tea seems to have a smoother feel when drinking, and there isn’t as much foam when cooking rice in the microwave. All in all, this is a brilliant device & well worth the money. I’m actually looking forward to the next gas bill to see how much it has come down since its installation! My parents since ordered one too & are loving the results. If you’re in a hard water area, seriously consider the Limetron.

Amazing Review by Phillip, Inglewood, WA

Product Review
We had the Limetron hardwater limescale preventer installed a month ago and are very happy we did. The difference in the taste of the water was noticeable immediately. The device has made a huge difference to the lime scale issue we were having on our new taps and tiles. Before the install we would have to scrub them weekly, now a quick wipe over every now and then is all we need.

Very Happy Review by Erica, Ridgewood, WA

Product Review
My plants are growing better and after a hot summer they still look great.
Shower stays clean kitchen sink and laundry tub stay shiny and just needs a wipe i dont have scrub the minerals off the sink with ajax or stainless steel cleaner any more.

Haven’t had to clean any hard water scale since Review by Robert, Karana Downs, QLD

Product Review
Great product, normally my toilet scales up bad where I have to use liquid chlorine to take the scale off, but I haven’t had to do that since I installed the Limetron. Normal toilet cleaners had no effect on the scale build up but this is working like a charm.

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