Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer

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Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer


·         For Health and Wellbeing

·         Helps to Neutralize Toxins in the Body

·         Facilitates More Rapid Hydration

·         Neutralizes Fluoride and Chlorine Deposits

Product Description

The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer effortlessly delivers soft, natural, living, highly energized water to every tap in your home.

Energized / structured water is now being widely recognized as the holy grail of water solutions and the Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to deliver to you endless supplies of energized, natural water.

The Home Edge is a revolutionary ‘whole home solution’, providing your family with the softest, healthiest water throughout your whole home.

The Home Edge is a maintenance free, toxic neutralization and energization technology.

In terms of hygiene and maintenance, The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer helps eliminate calcium and aragonite deposits in household pipes thus prolonging the life of household plumbing, whilst at the same time delivering higher plumbing hygiene. One example is the elimination of shower scum build-up.

The Home Edge energized water system is designed to return this precious resource to its natural state, just the way nature intended.

But best of all, The Home Edge Kinetic Energizer will give you an endless supply of healthy, living, energized water.

These Revolutionary Energized Kinetic Water Devices Are Not Filters

Our Energized / Structured Water devices are not filters and do not remove anything physically from the water.

The chemical/toxin is physically there but it’s molecular structure has changed.

Through energizing and structuring, the water is made healthy by neutralizing the toxins in the water through molecular changed.

When you are testing for chlorine or any other chemical, you are using a test for chemistry. When water is Energized / Structured the chemical is still there, but it is in a different molecular structure.

You don’t see a difference with your naked eye between Energized / Structured water and regular water, except at higher magnifications under a microscope. But most importantly, you will witness a difference with your health and well-being.

Using a filter or alkaline ionizer with one of our Energized / Structured water devices does not interfere with Energized / Structured water. It will filter out the physical particles and increase the pH level then be ultimately enhanced by the Energized / Structured water.



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